ATLAS® P25 System CAP Testing 2018

Written by Richard Wiens on 6/7/18 4:09 PM

Our P25 Compliance Assessment Program (CAP) conventional interoperability testing kicked off last month as four different vendors tested their equipment with the ATLAS® P25 infrastructure system.  

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7-Step Guide to Grant Funding

Written by The JVCKENWOOD Team on 5/24/18 11:29 AM

Preparing a successful grant application can be a daunting task. Like many agencies you are probably wondering where to start, what grants are best for you, and how to craft the perfect grant application to set your agency up for success.

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Managing a Smooth Transition from Analog to Digital P25

Written by John Szpak on 5/17/18 1:38 PM

In 2013, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) issued a narrowbanding mandate that prompted many agencies to consider making the transition from analog to digital P25. While the mandate did not require this transition, it did require existing wideband systems to be modified or replaced to comply. Agencies were forced to reconsider their communication requirements and seek alternative solutions and many found that the transition to digital made sense.

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A clearer path to noise reduction.

Written by The JVCKENWOOD Team on 5/9/18 9:39 AM

First responders often work in noisy environments and having radio communications with clear audio can  be a matter of life or death. It is critical that emergency radio dispatchers can understand first responders even in the most challenging noise environments.

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FDIC 2018 Recap

Written by The JVCKENWOOD Team on 5/3/18 2:21 PM

The JVCKENWOOD team had another exciting year at the Fire Department Instructor’s Conference in Indianapolis, IN last week. Over 34,000 firefighters gathered at the Indiana Convention Center & Lucas Oil Stadium for a full week of training and exhibition.

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Enhancing fireground communications

Written by The JVCKENWOOD Team on 4/28/18 8:23 AM

First responders rely on radio communications as their lifeline and require enhanced communication awareness to protect themselves and their teams. Firefighters have a unique challenge and require radio communications which thrive in a dynamic fire scene environment.

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Enhanced VRS: Providing a P25 Trunked Experience to Portable Users

Written by The JVCKENWOOD Team on 4/21/18 8:46 AM

First responders need reliable communication with dispatch and each other. Whether it’s handling a traffic stop, working inside a building, or managing an incident, they need peace of mind — the assurance that their communications aren’t impacted by lack of coverage. In networks designed for mobile coverage, working inside buildings or over rough terrain makes communication challenging for portable users.

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VAULT: Providing the Lowest Total Cost of Ownership in P25 Radios

Written by Jaimin Patel on 4/6/18 8:57 AM

Traditionally the LMR industry has been hesitant to embrace new innovations. As a significantly smaller market dominated by risk adverse government users, we haven’t seen as many new technologies emerge compared to larger commercial markets, such as cellular.

Given this landscape, the LMR manufacturers have had tremendous power over the market and have consistently promoted a purchasing model that benefits themselves, not the government agencies. Over the years, the industry has transitioned from a hardware-based to software-based

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Disaster Operations - Lessons Learned from Fall 2017

Written by Brandon Romero on 3/29/18 9:04 AM

Public safety communications were put to the ultimate test in Fall 2017 as Hurricanes Irma and Maria ripped through Puerto Rico, Hurricane Harvey devastated Houston, TX, and wildfires and earthquakes continue to impact the west. Brandon Romero, Director of Sales Engineering, participated in the Disaster Operations - Lessons Learned from Fall 2017 panel at IWCE 2018 to weigh in on how to prepare your critical communications for disasters. Read on for his key takeaways.

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IWCE 2018 Recap

Written by The JVCKENWOOD Team on 3/22/18 11:54 AM

The JVCKENWOOD team wrapped up another exciting IWCE in Orlando, FL. Over 7,000 industry professionals gathered at the Orange County Convention Center to participate in the premier event for critical communications. The JVCKENWOOD booth was buzzing with new solutions including:

We also celebrated the 10 year anniversary of NEXEDGE, and new partnerships with Radio Activity and MotoGP™.
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