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NEXEDGE: Paving the Way for Business-Critical Communications

Written by John North on 7/2/18 9:39 AM

The large geographic footprint of your operation relies on uncompromised voice and data communications and superior coverage, at every moment of every shift.

NEXEDGE® has been proven to be one of the most versatile communications systems available today, capable of satisfying a wide range of manufacturing, public works, utilities, transportation, education, and other industry users. Offering conventional operation to multi-site trunked, NEXEDGE is an ideal fit for any organization.

“We have complete coverage across Warren County. I am absolutely thrilled with the system."
Herb Hess, Area Supervisor, Facilities Manager, Western Kentucky University

KENWOOD NEXEDGE is an innovative digital conventional and trunked radio solution, designed to meet the highest demands of today’s communications environment and to provide users with a wide-range of capabilities to transform operations.

Edge-to-edge digital communications are guaranteed in both trunked and conventional modes, so you can operate with a fully networked system. NEXEDGE digital trunked traffic channels can be shared with analog conventional, analog trunked or both types of traffic for enhanced coverage and reliability.

NEXEDGE is a future-proof technology designed for self-paced migration and upgrades to accommodate budgetary, administrative, organization, and timeline requirements. By offering continued service to analog fleets and software-driven upgrades, NEXEDGE gives you the freedom to choose how and when you adopt the latest technology.

NEXEDGE systems are configurable in traditional conventional, trunked and wide-area trunked network operation modes. IP connectivity for NEXEDGE trunked sites provides wide area calling and system scalability over existing private LAN/WAN assets and commercial services.

All NEXEDGE equipment operates in 25 & 12.5 kHz analog and 12.5 & 6.25 kHz NXDN® digital modes – satisfying spectrum requirements today & tomorrow.

NEXEDGE uses existing power amps and site management equipment providing a return on investment and a choice of multiple suppliers for years to come. NEXEDGE Conventional operates in 12.5 kHz ‘‘Mixed Mode” so that analog and digital fleets can share the same channel.

Selecting the optimal system for your needs is critical to enhancing business performance. KENWOOD offers a variety of NEXEDGE system configurations, giving you the freedom to choose which system best meets the needs of your organization.


For smaller groups of users, a conventional architecture will provide the required communication with less investment.

Organizations that Benefit: Retail and Hospitality
Number of Sites: Single
Advantages: Cost and Capacity Baseline

Conventional IP Network

Conventional IP networks link digital conventional repeaters into one system for wide area coverage or to provide coverage fill-in extensions. 

Organizations that Benefit: Security Guard and Factory
Number of Sites: Up to 16 (Unicast) or Up to 48 (Multicast)
Advantages: Cost Effective Coverage

Multi-Site Trunking

NXDN Type-C Trunking is the FB8*-based full-featured digital protocol specified by the NXDN Forum and used for NEXEDGE since 2007. 

Organizations that Benefit: Mass Transport and Hotels & Casinos
Trunking: Centralized Control
Number of Sites: Up to 48
Advantages: Capacity and Coverage

Enhanced Multi-Site Trunking

NEXEDGE Generation 2 (Gen2) offers a quantum leap in network size and provides full compatibility with current equipment. For enterprises looking to create large-scale digital trunked networks, Gen2 has the features, capabilities and performance to satisfy all their requirements.

Organizations that Benefit: Railways, Airports, and Utilities
Trunking: Centralized Control with Server-Based Architecture
Number of Sites: Up to 1000
Advantages: Capacity, Coverage, and Control

NEXEDGE offers you all of the advantages of tomorrow’s technologies – today. Download The Venetian®, Las Vegas case study now to learn how the Venice-themed hotel expanded coverage by 15% with NEXEDGE system solutions.

Download Case Study

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