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StudioOne: Gert Jan Wolf on the Global Evolution of Critical Communications

Written by The JVCKENWOOD Team on 6/10/19 9:59 AM

Gert Jan Wolf, Founder of The Critical Communications Review, joins JVCKENWOOD's Alyssa Burkett in the studio to discuss global critical communications, navigating emerging technology, and market trends for 2020 and beyond. 

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StudioOne: Jose Jaime Romero on Preparing for Disaster Communications

Written by The JVCKENWOOD Team on 4/8/19 10:11 AM

This week at StudioOne, Jose Jaime Romero, President and CEO of Codecom, Inc., joins JVCKENWOOD's Alyssa Burkett in the studio to discuss preparing for disaster communications, P25 system resiliency, and interoperability during mutual aid scenarios. 

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Monona Fire Department Enhances Fireground Communications with Viking VP6000

Throughout the year, Monona Fire Department responds to approximately 1300 EMS and 500 fire calls and it’s vital that my team can efficiently communicate on the fireground no matter what situation we face. Due to the unique topography of the City of Monona, WI, we needed a radio communication solution that could provide the coverage and reliability that my first responders need to operate on 4 miles of lakeshore and a major state highway – that’s why we chose KENWOOD Viking®.

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StudioOne: Andrew Seybold on the Evolution of Public Safety Grade Communications

Written by The JVCKENWOOD Team on 1/24/19 11:08 AM

This week at StudioOne, Andrew Seybold, CEO and Principal Analyst of Andrew Seybold, Inc., joins JVCKENWOOD's Mitch Urbanczyk in the studio to discuss land mobile radio (LMR), Long Term Evolution (LTE), and the evolution of public safety grade communications

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What's Happening in the Market & Why Has LMR Been Left Behind?

Written by Mitch Urbanczyk on 10/22/18 10:10 AM

The introduction of technologies such as FirstNet™, Long Term Evolution (LTE), and 5G heterogeneous networks has sparked curiosity throughout the Land Mobile Radio (LMR) industry and has left many wondering how these innovative technologies fit within traditional LMR.

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The KENWOOD Viking® Difference

Written by The JVCKENWOOD Team on 9/27/18 10:18 AM

Whether you’re charging toward a burning building or performing a routine traffic stop, you never know what danger you are approaching. Your radio is your lifeline to communicate with dispatch and your team. That’s why we’re committed to developing the highest-quality P25 communication equipment with the most advanced technology so first responders can focus on their mission – protecting and saving lives. The KENWOOD Viking difference is what sets us apart from other radio vendors.

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Modern Radio Fleet Management

Written by The JVCKENWOOD Team on 6/21/18 8:33 AM

Agencies often manage multiple fleets of radios and traditional radio configurators are not adequate to the task. Modern P25 trunked communication systems can support thousands to tens of thousands of radios and programming and updating radios one-by-one demands a significant amount of time, resources, and manpower that public safety agencies simply do not have to spare. 

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The Importance of Battery Care in Mission-Critical Communications

Written by Dave Gertz on 6/16/18 8:08 AM

In the most critical moments, you rely on your P25 radio as your lifeline. Whether you’re entering a burning building or responding to a 911 call, your radio just needs to work. During a 12 hour shift, you should be able to focus on the one thing that matters – protecting and saving lives – and have confidence that your radio battery is as resilient as you are when you need it most.

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ATLAS® P25 System CAP Testing 2018

Written by Richard Wiens on 6/7/18 4:09 PM

Our P25 Compliance Assessment Program (CAP) conventional interoperability testing kicked off last month as four different vendors tested their equipment with the ATLAS® P25 infrastructure system.  

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7-Step Guide to Grant Funding

Written by The JVCKENWOOD Team on 5/24/18 11:29 AM

Preparing a successful grant application can be a daunting task. Like many agencies you are probably wondering where to start, what grants are best for you, and how to craft the perfect grant application to set your agency up for success.

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Tags: P25, Fire, Police, Grant Funding

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