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Modern Radio Fleet Management

Written by The JVCKENWOOD Team on 6/21/18 8:33 AM

Agencies often manage multiple fleets of radios and traditional radio configurators are not adequate to the task. Modern P25 trunked communication systems can support thousands to tens of thousands of radios and programming and updating radios one-by-one demands a significant amount of time, resources, and manpower that public safety agencies simply do not have to spare. 

Radio configurators allow end-users to program their own radios with their system frequencies and radio personality options. For trunked radios, the programming can be extensive especially for communications managers who manage multiple fleets of radios for various agencies. Over time, traditional radio configurators have developed “cut and paste” and “cloning” tools to help the end-user to create multiple codeplugs.  However, unique codeplugs are still required for every single radio on the system. 

Modern radio fleet management solutions demand an approach which can accommodate programming and maintaining multiple fleets of radios. Armada® is an intuitive trunked radio fleet management tool which has been specifically designed to program and maintain the radio codeplugs in a simple and efficient manner, eliminating human programming errors.

Unlike traditional configurators, Armada's template-based solution is simple to use with the flexibility to adapt to the needs of your agency. This means that the fleet manager creates one master template for a fleet of radios and then links the template to all of the radios in the fleet. When the master template is edited, the corresponding radio profiles are updated simultaneously, providing consistency and error-free programming across the entire radio fleet.

Armada’s template structure allows for multiple layers of templates to be created from the single master template allowing systems with multiple agencies to have their own template while maintaining the integrity of the system-specific data. Once the master template is created, the fleet manager or agency manager can duplicate that template as needed for collaborating with and/or adding additional agencies to the network. This eliminates the need to create a new, unique template for each department.

“One of the features that came with the new ATLAS® system was a suite of programming software called Armada. The ease of use of it is just unbelievable. The ability to program every radio or multiple radios at the same time has been a time-saving factor." – Sgt. John Desmond, City of Waterbury Police Department

Armada fleet management makes safe simple for public safety agencies with Elite Battery Management and advanced programming capabilities including:

Kiosk Mode
Armada can be configured to update several radios via an off-the- shelf USB hub. They can remotely access computers per agency, update all radio profiles, and set the computer for Kiosk Mode. As first responders come on shift, Kiosk Mode will alert them to any available radio updates. 

Over-the-Air Programming (OTAP) Mode

OTAP enables a technician to program a fleet of fielded radios over a P25 radio system. An OTAP-enabled radio can be programmed automatically with a scheduled write update or manually written by the fleet manager. The radio accepts the new codeplug the next time the radio power is cycled. Armada OTAP is compatible with all major manufacturers' P25 trunked systems, including the ATLAS® P25 System.

Over-the-Intranet Programming (OTIP) Mode

OTIP enables remote mobile radio programming using IP-based network services and is designed to work with both wired (Ethernet) and wireless (Wi-Fi) networks. OTIP enables fleet managers to securely program mobiles from a Wi-Fi access point via their intranet, anywhere, at any time.

Schedule a free demo now to learn how your agency can save time, manpower, and resources and take the complexities out of radio fleet management with Armada. 


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