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Nurturing Technical Talent for the Future

Written by Julie Dillman on 7/17/18 4:17 PM

Delivering the highest-quality P25 solutions for our customers begins by hiring skilled, motivated, and dedicated team members. JVCKENWOOD employees are committed  to developing P25 solutions that take the complexities out of mission-critical communications.

First responders' lives count on our ability to deploy reliable systems utilizing the latest technology solutions. We adamantly believe in providing our talent with the training required for a successful career in the Land Mobile Radio (LMR) industry. Due to the high-level of technical skills required and mission-critical nature of our work, JVCKENWOOD has implemented a Technical Development Engineering Program (TDEP) that provides recent undergraduate and graduate students the opportunity to gain hands-on experience. This program recruits and nurtures the highest-potential talent with the unique skills required to design and support ATLAS® P25 Systems and KENWOOD Viking® P25 radios.

The Technical Development Engineering Program is specifically designed to show candidates how their work directly contributes to making safe simple for public safety agencies. JVCKENWOOD’s TDEP prepares technically talented people for successful and rewarding careers in the public safety wireless industry and fast-tracks an engineer’s growth in understanding wireless systems, customers and technologies. TDEP candidates rotate through the Infrastructure R&D, Wireless & Sales Engineering, and Technical Services groups during the 2-year training program to gain hands-on experience in each department. 

LMR careers of the future will require employees to have a broad knowledge of complex systems and evolving communication requirements for public safety agencies. TDEP candidates will learn in-depth about RF systems, advanced skills in working with customers, and software testing techniques during the three rotations:

1. Infrastructure R&D

The Infrastructure R&D group develops and tests software for new and existing IP-based infrastructure equipment for public safety radio systems. The software development projects range from low level device drivers and packet manipulation to browser-based GUI development and database management. The test team strives to develop scripts to increase automation of test cases and traffic simulation. TDEP candidates will gain experience in the following:

  • Coding and Testing
  • Process Improvement

2. Wireless/Sales Engineering

The Wireless Engineering group designs highly sophisticated wireless communication systems utilizing radio frequency propagation studies. The team also integrates electronic devices that serve as the supporting infrastructure that transports Internet Protocol data between multiple facilities. TDEP candidates will gain experience in the following:

  • Bids & Proposals
  • Planning & Pricing

3. Technical Services 

The Technical Services team pulls everything together in order to design, build, implement and support our ATLAS and KENWOOD Viking components used on our P25 public safety communication systems. The team interacts with all stakeholders, from JVCKENWOOD executives to the police officers and firefighters who depend on our technology to stay safe. TDEP candidates will gain experience in the following:

  • Field Sales
  • Implementation & Support

JVCKENWOOD believes that on-the-job training is crucial to developing skilled, dedicated team members with a strong sense of purpose and commitment to our customers. The Technical Development Engineering Program attracts motivated, hard-working, and passionate graduates and provides them with the technical experience required to develop solutions that meet the JVCKENWOOD standard. Request additional information now to learn more.

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