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A clearer path to noise reduction.

Written by The JVCKENWOOD Team on 5/9/18 9:39 AM

First responders often work in noisy environments and having radio communications with clear audio can  be a matter of life or death. It is critical that emergency radio dispatchers can understand first responders even in the most challenging noise environments.

Traditionally, radio manufacturers have adopted a dual-mic noise cancellation solution. This hardware-based solution use a microphone configuration where one mic is positioned to pick-up voice audio, while the other is positioned to sample the noise in the environment. The audio received form the environment sample is then removed from the voice audio. Dual microphone technology is based on the assumption that the intended voice audio will enter the voice mic at a higher pressure level than the background noise. Unfortunately, no two noise environments are the same and in an extremely loud environment, the background noise can be received at the same level as the voice audio. In this case, the dual microphone is unable to distinguish voice audio from noise.

In order for the noise to be effectively removed from the transmitted audio, the mic must be held in a very specific way. This means that holding the radio in some of the more convenient and common ways, such as a holster or pouch, block the second mic and hinder its ability to sample the noise. Environmental sounds often reflect off of objects in the surrounding areas causing the same noise to hit the radio twice or more at slightly different times. The dual-mic configuration cannot account for the noise time shift and is unable to fully subtract the varying noise from the audio.

TrueVoice is a comprehensive voice enhancement solution and is a fully software-based technology that consistently outperforms multi-mic solutions by providing an advanced approach to noise clarity. TrueVoice works by characterizing noise frequencies for commonly found noise sources and filtering those frequencies out to allow the human voice to pass through. This solution is designed to work for any public safety user in any environment. Traditional dual mic noise cancellation lowers and degrades the first responder’s audio, while TrueVoice retains the audio level and intelligibility.

TrueVoice technology is standard on all KENWOOD Viking® portable and mobile radios and allows first responders to get the full benefit of clear, high volume audio with any accessory and without the need for extra configuration. Request a free demo today to hear the TrueVoice difference.

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