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Keep your teams safe and connected with KAIROS DMR Systems

Written by The JVCKENWOOD Team on 7/25/18 4:13 PM

JVCKENWOOD expands its Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) offering with KENWOOD KAIROS.

KAIROS DMR Tier 2 simulcast repeaters are the perfect platform for any DMR application, from simple standalone sites to large nationwide systems. Ideal for utilities, energy, education and manufacturing organizations, KAIROS conventional simulcast is a great fit for organizations that require wide area communications with fewer frequencies.

KAIROS system solutions keep your team safe and connected:

Increased Reliability

With multi-protocol operation, KAIROS automatically switches between analog and digital modulation, according to the type of incoming signal.

IP multisite roaming & simulcast integrates all necessary features (such as IP interfaces, voting system, automatic equalization, protocol coherence, synchronization recovery, network management, etc.) for professional multisite networks.

Superior Coverage 

With enhanced system redundancy, KAIROS can be configured as either 1+1 (Main + Stand-by) or with backup Master functionality (a slave station that automatically replaces the failed main Master, restoring all network functions).

KAIROS soft diversity receiver technology allows for enhanced coverage and improved signal reception in RF fading conditions.

Open & Scalable

KAIROS system solutions are open-standards based and compatible with multiple radio manufacturers. 

As your teams grow and your communications requirements change, KAIROS Tier 2 repeaters can be easily upgraded to DMT Tier 3 trunked and trunked simulcast.*

*Future Release

Enhanced Control

SIP/RTP-IP Ports enable direct connection with the radio network and offers a wide range of benefits to Control Rooms, such as SIP/ RTP-IP dispatching systems; automatic roaming between different networks and/or repeaters (mobility); automatic phone/radio bridging, etc.

The powerful remote control tool ensures secure software upgrades, diagnoses IP backbone issues, and continuously assesses the health of the entire radio system. KAIROS also integrates directly with 3rd party network management systems using the standard SNMP protocol.

Light & Ruggedized 

Compact and lightweight, KAIROS power needs are simple requiring only a small solar panel. Thanks to its environmental robustness, KAIROS can perform in harsh site conditions.

The power supply input is protected from short circuit, under/over/inversion voltage and transient. Its RF power devices are protected from reverse power, over temperature and over current, allowing a 100% duty.

In December 2017, JVCKENWOOD acquired Radio Activity to add KAIROS DMR technology to its digital portfolio further positioning JVCKENWOOD as the global leader of digital communications solutions for critical communications users. Download the KAIROS Systems Overview and Product Sheet now to learn more.

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